God is Far Away

If you feel like God is far away, he isn't! He is very near, even in times you don't feel him. God doesn't ever change, he loves you just like when you first met him. Sometimes I get so busy that I put my relationship with God in second place. What I mean is, I pray a little bit in the morning, a little through the day, and a little at night -- but in my heart, I know I'm not really making real time for God. I'm just talking to Him while I go through the day, which is good -- but to get that genuine relationship flowing where I feel him, I have to set aside a time each day to just lay down and spend time with him.

It sounds so simple, but people have a way of over complicating things. So rather than formulating a big plan and schedule to talk to God, I just make a mental note of it and do it a little bit each day. A relationship is built by spending time with a person! It's so easy, but why do others and myself forget? The cares of the world bog us down! So ask yourself: "When is the last time I took time out of the day, just laid down, and talked to God?" If that seems like it gets you nowhere, put on some praise music and pour out your heart to God, it will help you keep praying. Sometimes I just put on the headphones and play some Hillsong and talk to God.

God wants to be close to you and I, we have to keep making effort to draw near to him. Only God can fill us inside with what the heart longs for -- I love it when you feel your identity from God inside of you, it's so rich and deep that every other worry goes away. Also, if you have a hard time reading the Bible, get the Bible on MP3 and listen to it in the car!

Posted by Jesse